One of the UK's most consistently popular and successful artists, Ann graduated from Edinburgh College of Art (ECA).  After spending her post-graduate year and Andrew Grant Scholarship In France and Italy, Anne returned to ECA to lecture in the Painting School, no mean achievement for one so young.
The Ballater Gallery is particularly pleased to welcome an artist of Ann's talent and reputation because, not only is she internationally popular, but she spent part of her childhood and education in Ballater itself before then moving to Inverness.
Ann spent many years living and working abroad, and the inspiration she gets from her extensive travels helps to keep her work particularly vibrant and fresh. In the 80s, Ann spent a long time in Southern Spain and then, more recently, she spent many years in Vienna before returning to Scotland where she and her husband now live in a beautiful part of the Borders.
Ann is renowned for her ability with colour and she exhibits throughout the UK in many of the country's top galleries (London , Oxfordshire, Edinburgh). As can be seen in her CV, Ann's work is held by some of the country's best known blue chip companies, but also by discerning private collectors throughout the UK and abroad.
Gallerist comment - 'I've known Ann for a long time through mutual charity work, and love the vibrancy and clever combination of colour with flowers and fields, but also her ability to capture architecture (mainly Edinburgh buildings) so beautifully'.