Denise Findlay

Denise Findlay was born in 1973 into a family with an incredibly strong artistic pedigree. Denise's mother is the Great Granddaughter of Fra Newbery (1855 - 1946) who was married to the equally famous Glasgow Girl, Jessie Newbery (1864 -1948) whose appliqué work gave rise to the rose motif identified by Charles Rennie Macintosh.
Denise always showed aptitude for painting and graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1996. She always showed particularly strong figurative skills under the tutelage of Jimmy Robertson CBE RSW RGI and Barbara Rae RA (themselves famous painters).  A strong year of artists, Denise studied with fellow Ballater Gallery artist Iain Faulkner, and Denise has been quoted as being inspired by another Ballater Gallery artist Alexandra Gardner.  Now highly regarded herself as one of the most influential contemporary figurative painters in the country, Denise's beautiful paintings are in constant demand.  Denise has won many prestigious awards including the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award three times, and also the Arnold Clark Award awarded by the Paisley Art Institute.
Gallerist comment -  ' Although Denise Findlay is incredibly well regarded throughout the country and abroad for her exquisite figurative work, her ability is diverse and I'm thrilled that I've managed to persuade her to include a few of her beautiful paintings of animals for the Ballater Gallery.'