Dale Bissland

Dale Bissland is an artist whose work displays technical accuracy, alongside emotion and sensitivity. This is a rare find and made all the more impressive as Dale is self taught.  After studying the Old Masters and researching their techniques, he has learnt how to paint in a manner which displays an advanced skill set using traditional methods to create a contemporary form of realism. 
Dale paints places he knows; Glasgow tenements, familiar landscapes, and he also includes a figurative element of people he is close to.  No matter what the subject of his choice, all of his work displays equal amounts of depth.  He is led intuitively and paints with no limits.  Dale is primarily attracted to light, mood and atmosphere, rather than any obvious narrative.  He aims to evoke a certain mood or emotion in the viewer.


Gallerist  comment - ‘ Having lived for many years in Glasgow myself, I first got to know Dale’s superb paintings of the city’s buildings . More recently I’ve joined his ever-growing fanbase who also love his beautiful figurative paintings, often of family members.  Dale’s work evokes mood and emotion beautifully ‘