Lin Pattullo

Born in Glasgow in 1949, Lin grew up on the Ayrshire coast. Lin always had an ability for drawing and sketching from an early age, and one can almost see some of her own happy childhood, growing up in a popular seaside town, through her incredibly popular paintings of 'small people’, harbours and west coast views. Although Lin commenced an early career in nursing she painted continually and, once her family grew up, her full-time painting career really took off.
Now highly regarded and an award-winning artist, Lin is a Member of the Glasgow Society of Women Artists and also a Member of the Paisley Art Institute. In the 1990's Lin's career really took off and, in 1994, she received the coveted Lauder Award by the Glasgow Society of Women Artists and the Neville Award from Paisley Art Institute. In 1997 Lin's success continued when she won the J Trevor & Webster Award from RGI.
Holding her first ever solo show at the renowned Kelly Gallery, Glasgow in 1993, Lin's popularity has increased throughout the decades and she has been honoured by exhibiting at the Royal Scottish Academy, the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts, and the Scottish Artists and Artist Craftsmen.
Lin's fondness for the outdoors and joie de vivre is really captured through her often fun, happy paintings and, unsurprisingly, her work is held by collectors throughout the world including, none other than, H.R.H The Duke of Rothesay.
Lin now lives mainly in a beautiful part of Perthshire where she paints less and travels more!