David Meredith

Born in Leicester in in 1973, David trained at the Leicester College of Art. Immediately successful, David worked as a sculptor in the pewter industry for some 16 years. Moving into bronze, David is highly regarded and has been commissioned to sculpt bronzes of all sizes for private and corporate collections alike. Travelling regularly throughout the world for exhibitions and commissions, we are thrilled that David has allowed the Ballater Gallery to represent him. Alongside art and sculpture, David's huge passion is nature which has led him to travel mainly in Africa, Asia, and North America, all of which has helped to shape his work in both realistic and abstract ways. 

Gallerist comment - ‘David’s work all around the world has, I believe, allowed him to sculpt bronzes with a unique understanding of wildlife and importantly their surroundings. I bought one of his pieces long before the idea of the gallery and everyone I know has been blown away by the beauty of his bronzes'.