George Birrell

George Birrell is a renowned Scottish Painter and Graduate of the illustrious Glasgow School of Art.

George is as colourful as his superb paintings and whilst born and  bred in Glasgow , he was captivated by the wonderful villages of the East Coast and in particular the East Neuk from a young age . Graduating back in 1971 and then teaching art , it wasn’t until 1980 when George decided to paint full time and of course, he  has never looked back.


George’s hugely successful and unique style is painted from his  superb and creative memory of his regular travels mainly to the East Coast . A massive love and knowledge of architecture is so evident in George’s paintings and his ability with oils and mixed media helps create wonderful paintings which show great line and pattern with interpretation of weather conditions , light and tone . George’s knowledge of the South of France is also conveyed in many of his paintings and  this again shows his incredible skill to capture the light and and colour of these areas including their beautiful buildings .

An accomplished musician George has played in many bands very much as a hobby and to summarise, it’s George’s je ne sais quoi and colourfulness which allow his wonderful paintings to bring joy to all generations  and never go out of fashion.