Andrew Thompson

Born just outside Glasgow in 1976, Andrew studied at Glasgow School of Art and graduated with an Honours degree in 1997. Immediately successful, Andrew became a full-time artist straight after graduating and has exhibited throughout the UK and Europe ever since. Now living in the Black Isle with his wife and young family, he paints with great discipline and astonishing attention to detail, and often his paintings are made in series and painted within well-defined genres; still life, in the majority of these paintings. Having won the prestigious Hi - Arts Visual Artist Award twice, Andrew is renowned for paring the composition of his paintings down to one, two or three objects.  As Andrew says ' I look to explore, meditate on the sculptural, textural and reflective relationships and interactions between the objects and their environment ‘. Andrew's wonderful paintings hang in prestigious private and corporate collections throughout the world.


Gallerist comment - ' Having visited Andy at his studio in the Black Isle, I was immediately a fan of his work and admire his talent hugely; he has that rare talent of mixing modern and traditional styles . I have also seen his work sell out almost instantly at Private Views at established shows and see all ages immediately connect with his fantastic paintings'.